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Website strategy for you ! ! !

Do you have clear goals for your business website in the coming year?  Many business owners set vague objectives, like “we want a prettier website” or “we want to start using video” – but those are features, not goals. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself in the same boat. It’s incredibly common.

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How strong is my password

We all have passwords. Most of us know that our passwords need to be stronger and more secure. Sure, a super strong password may not matter for that new coupon app you just signed up for, but regarding your website, a strong password is critical.
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Optimising your WordPress website

Lots of people overload their WordPress websites with plugins — from a backup plugin in WordPress to security plugins to SEO plugins to general theme and “cutesy” plugins that tweak your layout. But these plugins, particularly the superfluous ones, can actually slow down your performance.

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