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Website Backup

We all know we need to back up our computers files in case our computer breaks, and your website is no different. There are countless reasons your website could break, and overlooking them could be a costly mistake.

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Safeguard your website from hackers

With huge companies like Facebook and Twitter etc getting hacked on the daily, it’s no wonder you’re concerned about web security.

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Backup your website

There are three simple facts : 1. Backup is essential. 2. It is truly your last line of defense. 3. It is not a matter of if you will need a good back up and disaster recovery solution but when you will need a good back up and disaster recovery solution

Post regular contact to your webste

If you want to post content to your website regularly, but you think the process seems time-consuming or overwhelming, a website copy writer for small business can help! Posting fresh content on a regular basis is super important – not just for keeping clients and prospects informed, but for SEO as well.

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Reasons why buisness owners need website backups

Have you ever been caught without a backup plan? Did you ever accidentally erase a file or throw away an important item with no hope of recovering it. Everyone has been in that situation. The key is to avoid it wherever possible. The easiest place to avoid this discomfort is on your website. Backing up your critical data is important and easy.

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