Memo to all Clients
Thankyou all for your patience during the recent data centre upheaval which as you are all aware required immediate migration of all sites to a new location. This was a major operation requiring the relocation immediately of all client websites and email facilities, nearly 1000 in total. All staff have been on permanent rotating shifts to correct this issue and we are happy to advise we will be returning to our usual availability as of Monday morning. All sites have now been relocated to the Sydney data centre and final testing will be completed over the coming weekend.
Unfortunately we have no control over the datacenter operations and immediate removal was required to protect the security and availability of all clients websites and email facilities.
During this time our Support system has remained available on line via our website for any concerns and the office availability while limited in access has remained available on 1300 865 296. 
Again we  thank you all for your patience during the relocation process.
All clients will be contacted as soon as normal operations return to service on Monday morning and resumption of services.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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