Our support sytem has been launched today to assist all clients with any issue they may have at anytime. The new system is fully automated with access to all your client requirements

  • Support Ticket System for tracking all client communication and allowing multiple staff to view/respond.
  • Knowledgebase which allows us to provide answers to common questions and topics and reduce your support waiting period. This now includes suggested answers to your questions to a users query from our knowledgebase before submission to help reduce common queries.
  • Attachments are supported by the ticket system to allow receiving of files from clients related to their incident.
  • Escalation Rules to ensure that no ticket goes unanswered for an unacceptable period of time
  • Support Departments allow you to route tickets to the appropriate staff with staff assignments per department.
  • Downloads system for providing access to key tools (ftp, email config, etc…) or downloadable products at tiems to suit yourselves.
  • Announcements is now available as a blog like news system allowing us to post our latest news & updates globally.

Previously clients were able to send an email to support@1forwebsites.com to open ticket proceedings but this has now been removed from service. All support requests to any department will be made online by access to the ticket system direct and utilising the SSL security of our system.

To access the support ticket system here at 1 For Websites or navigate to Support Centre -> Lodge A Support Ticket -> Select the correct department for your enquiry and login.



Further to this you have access to your Secure Registered Client Area here. Only details Your email address is the registered email address you have on file here with 1 For Websites and if you do not know your password then you can request a password reset to gain entry and then edit /update to a memorable one when you have logged in. This is emailed to you immediately by the support system so no waiting is required. We do not keep this password on file. It is auto generated by the system or entered by the client after access.

When you have gained access to your Secure Registered Client Area you will be able to 

  • Single Login - clients will have only one login to remember to access their account and support areas. (Note : this is not the same login as your cPanel access)
  • Personal Information can be viewed and updated as well as adding of additional contacts for emails to go, password changes and security question updates
  • Service Management area allows clients to view the details of the products & services on file, order upgrades, order addons, view & change login passwords and request cancellation
  • Domain Management area allows clients to view the details of domains registered here and manage those domains
  • Invoice/Payment/Email History shows clients all the invoices and emails that have been generated and sent to them for review at any time
  • Orders can be placed using the built in order form for new products/services/domains
Further to the above detailed items an updated payment system has also been implemented which allows all forms of payment to invoices direct from the invoice or logging in to make use of our alternative payment options.
Finally we are also happy to announce the appointment of David Turner as our Level Two support manager to assist our current staff and administer escalation fo support tickets and expediate replies in a timely manner.
Thankyou for your loyalty and we here at 1 For Websites wish you continued 'On-Line Business Success'.


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Saturday, August 4, 2012

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