Final heads up if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your website! We announced this is in our article last year - Your Website Safety in 2017 to give everyone time to prepare

As of October, Google will be releasing Chrome 62 which aims to further take the fight to websites that are still running without an SSL certificate, and are therefore insecure.

Currently, Google Chrome (which around half of all internet users use to browse online) warns users by placing a “Not secure” label in the address bar if they are visiting an insecure web page that contains a credit card or password input field.

SSL CertificateIn October, these warnings are set to extend to a further two scenarios:

  1. When a user fills in ANY input field type on an insecure web page
  2. ALL insecure web pages when browsing via incognito mode

Google Chrome eventually plans to extend this warning to users to show for ALL insecure web pages, whether or not they have any particular types of input fields on them and regardless of whether they are being viewed in regular or incognito browsing modes. (You can read their full announcement on the changes here!)


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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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