We are very pleased to announce that as of 1st April 2018 1 For Computers has purchased the total business operations of 1 For Websites and is currently proceeding with amalgamation of all services into the one company structure at 1 For Computers.

Going forward there will be changes to the way 1 For Websites is run in order to ensure that it works better for you the clients and also to ensure that it is a innovative and forward looking business.

Here are our plans for 1 For Websites in the short term. Please as always let us know what you think which will enable us to provide user options favourable to your requirements.

- We are currently organising staff, moving servers, moving various accounts over to the new servers and auditing all the accounts on file. From the 1st April a new development team will come on board and we will then start working on new projects, updating systems, frameworks and extensions. Current staff will remain to ensure a smooth transition with the amalgamation processes.

- 1 For Websites will continue as before with its own set of Billing, support related services and products. 

- Subscriptions & Pricing plans : These will be maintained and updated as per any maintenance options in a clients account. Maintenance Packages, unfortunately, have made 1 For Websites unviable with the free inclusion of some services and we will have to restructure these memberships. We will contact all clients individually to discuss and advise of options available as soon as is practical. There will be options for members to upgrade and access a wider range of products and services if needed.

- Support Channels : There will be one channel of support in the immediate future and that will the be the Support tickets. We will be phasing out phone support once we have updated 1 For Websites portfolio and integrated to 1 For Computers as the single point of contact. The ticket system does see lots of threads with questions/answers that can be best dealt with from the knowledge base and going forward we need to make better use of our developers time.

- 1 For Websites site: We will be upgrading the 1 For Websites site and we are still looking at how best to do this. We are also considering how best to organise the documentation and the Blog as we move into a more interactive period with our communications.

We would like to have your feedback about our plans and if you have any concerns about the change of ownership, please contact us here and we will respond at the first possible opportunity.

To end this notification we would like to thank all the members of 1 For Websites for their patience and support during this transition period and welcome you all to the 1 For Computers family.


1 For Websites 

Network Operations Support

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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