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Cyber Attack! – But don’t worry about your website.

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Australia is under Cyber Attack! Does that affect you?

What is a State Based Cyber Attack? A “state based” attack means a country is attacking us (Australia).

“Cyber attack” means an attack over the internet. No, we are not going to war.

This morning you may have seen the announcement from our PM, Scott Morrison, stating that Australia is under cyber attack. If not see this link.

What are they attacking? 1 For Websites doesn’t know exactly but they will likely attack webservers and other servers which may hold information they think would be of value to them or potentially they could be looking for ways to access and control infrastructure such as power distribution through to traffic lights. Basically this is James Bond spy stuff in the current world of connected computer systems.

Our advice is that you don’t need to worry about your website. 1 For Websites has always implemented the latest security practices and technology. While we see repeated attacks on our servers this is not new and happens every day, as it has for years. The attacks do vary and new ones come along frequently which is why we recommend that you use our Website Maintenance Service to keep your site up to date with security patches and backup of your site.

If you don’t use our Maintenance Service we strongly urge you to update your site to the latest software level and to keep a backup of your site.

If you need help, please raise a ticket and the support team will be happy to help you.

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