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What Is A VPN? Do You Need One?

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How a VPN works.

A VPN is a powerful but straightforward tool that lets you experience the whole internet, anytime you want, from wherever you are. In simple terms: When you use a VPN, it looks like you’re connecting to the internet from somewhere else.

How Does a VPN Work?

It all starts with your VPN client – the interface where you manage your VPN connections. Once you launch it, you will be able to select a server in a location of your choice that will be in charge of rerouting and encrypting your web traffic.

How a VPN works

Normally, the details of your traffic would be visible to your ISP. When you launch your VPN, however, all the ISP sees is that you’ve established a connection with a VPN server – anything past that is off-limits. Your data is routed through the VPN before arriving at its destination.

You also obtain a different IP address from your real one, so your online identity is protected at all times. Your chosen destination doesn’t know that your traffic is coming from your real location, because it’s actually sent from the VPN server.

If that sounds a little too confusing, think of it this way: your VPN is the middleman you’ve hired to make sure your data is under lock and key as it’s transferred from your end to the website or service you’re visiting. It also gives you privacy by keeping your real IP, device, and location hidden (although they may still be visible to the VPN provider).

As far as everyone else is concerned, your digital location is wherever your VPN server is, and your IP address is the one provided by it, which is shared with potentially thousands of other users. For example, if you’ve connected to a server in Germany, you now have a German IP address somewhere in Berlin or Frankfurt.

Keep in mind that this is just a simple explanation of a complex technology.

Further details

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