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Why Business Owners Need Website Backups

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Reasons why buisness owners need website backups

Have you ever been caught without a backup plan? Did you ever accidentally erase a file or throw away an important item with no hope of recovering it. Everyone has been in that situation. The key is to avoid it wherever possible. The easiest place to avoid this discomfort is on your website. Backing up your critical data is important and easy.

Coming up with goals for your website can feel weird. After all, it’s just where you write posts for your blog, right? It doesn’t actually do anything. Wrong.

Your website should be one of your largest sources of leads and sales. It should be a representative of your brand and improve customer satisfaction. If you’re just using it as a place to share a few articles or list promotions, you definitely need to set some goals.

Here’s How –

The Best Way To Secure Your Site

Backups are hands-down the best way to secure your site. You can have the most aggressive and expensive security plugins available, but they will be worthless if your server crashes and your site needs to be restored from a recent backup. These days server crashes are so rare you’ll probably never experience one. But, there are unforeseen issues that can arise from time to time. Having a backup is like insurance for those rare circumstances.

Easily Portable

Backup archives are easily portable. If any emergency requires that you switch servers it’s easy to quickly restore a backup at a different location. You don’t want to be desperately searching for files in a time of crisis.

WordPress makes this exceptionally easy. You only have two parts to any WordPress backup: the core files and the database. If you have those pieces you can instantly restore your site.

But there are important data outside of your site that also need to be recovered. Most hosting plans (including the ones offered by 1 For Websites) provide email services as well. This is why a backup service for your entire hosting plan is so important. It will grab everything and store in a safe location.

Compliance Purposes

For many bigger companies, backup procedures are part of a larger security protocols package. Whether you’re trying to inspire confidence in customers or investors, security documentation is a win win. Take note of how often you take backups, where they are saved, and how they can be quickly recovered. It makes you look more professional and encourages trust among your other stakeholders.

They are Easy To Do

As mentioned above, it’s easy to add a plurality of backup services to any hosting account, though you only need one. Check with 1 For Websites; they can surely recommend a service that will work best for your needs and within your budget. Because backup plans are so important, the tools that perform the backups are designed to be hands-off, set-it-and-forget-it type solutions. They can be turned on once and left operating in the background without any fuss. This is why there’s no good reason not to have one running right.

You will Thank Yourself Later

Everybody likes to be proven right. And no one likes to hear “I told you so,” especially from themselves. A backup plan is the best way to secure your site they’re easy to manage. If you get your backup situation in order today you’ll be thanking yourself tomorrow.

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