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Why Website Backups are Necessary

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Website Backup

We all know we need to back up our computers files in case our computer breaks, and your website is no different. There are countless reasons your website could break, and overlooking them could be a costly mistake.

Most businesses will spend huge sums of money on development and extensions, making your website one of the most expensive assets you have!

The number one most common time websites are prone to breaking is during updates. Now don’t get me wrong, you absolutely must be updating your website on a frequent basis to ensure your code is up-to-date and secure.

Theme and plug-in developers work hard to ensure their code does everything you paid for, but because any CMS has been downloaded millions of times – it’s hard for them to test the code across every scenario. 

Another reason you need to be backing up your website is the sheer amount of hackers online. These hackers love nothing more than getting into your website’s code and injecting viruses, links and more to destroy your website. 

There’s also human error, server crashing, missed invoices from the host and more that we have seen cause websites to break.

And if that doesn’t scare you into backing up your website right here and now I don’t know what will!

Owners who take regular backups of their websites have the peace of mind that anything a hacker does to their website can be easily undone by rolling back to a previous version of their website and increasing their security.

Hopefully at this point you understand the importance of backing up your website and want to get stuck right in. Well the good news is that all CMS products, – WordPress and Joomla included, have an amazing backup extension available that does everything you need and doesn’t cost a cent! Simply check through your available backup up options and select the best one for you. Should you need any further advice simply lodge a support ticket here at 1 For Websites and the friendly staff will be happy to guide you further.

Keep Everything Backed Up

Lastly, but certainly not least, a friendly reminder, backup everything that you do. We’ve talked about the importance of backing up in past articles, and we’ll never stop saying it: having a (recent) copy of your website can save you a world of trouble.

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